Shore Base Facilities

CH4 Group is highly trained in providing solutions for any offshore exploration and production operation (drilling, pipeline, platform installation, or production operations), including transportation and logistical support anywhere in the world, always being adjusted to the needs of its customers and under the highest quality standards. Our extensive experience in the industry allows us to provide services that specifically include:

  • Design and development of engineering in its conceptual, basic, and detailed phases.
  • Project planning and management.
  • Procurement and subcontractor management services.
  • Transport and logistics, including warehousing of goods.
  • Rental of specialized equipment.
  • Construction and maintenance of civil mechanical, electrical, and instrumentation structures in industrial facilities.
  • Construction and installation of pipelines for subsea pipelines, gas pipelines, and submarine outfalls.
  • Concrete coating of carbon steel pipelines.
  • Construction of docks for the receipt of tankers in the petrochemical sector, construction of receipt platforms, assembly of docking, and mooring elements for ships.