Natural Gas Compression Plant: El Furrial Lift Gas Project

Nov 2018. EPC of a natural gas compression plant with a capacity of 160 MMSCFD for gas lift from 1100 to 4,500 psig, four (4) compression units for a total installation of 11MW, including the National grid backup electric generation system and the rest of the plant team, commissioning and operational start-up assistance with our experienced personnel for operations and maintenance during a six (6) month contract.

Natural Gas Compression Plant: Orinoco Gas Compression Plant II (PCOII)

Aug 2016. EPC of a natural gas compression plant, with four (4) units with a total capacity of 25 MMSCFD from 40 to 1,200 psig for transmission through pipelines, including plant balance, gas sweetening and dehydration facilities, commissioning service and commissioning assistance with our experienced staff.

Power Generation Projects: Ferrominera del Orinoco (FMO)

Rental and maintenance of 15 MVA@13.8kV, installed capacity power generation plant for our client CVG, Ferrominera Orinoco FMO, located in Bolivar State, Venezuela:

  • FMO I, 9 MVA@13.8kV of installed capacity,
    operation in continuous service.
  • FMO II 6 MVA@13.8kV of installed capacity,
    operation in continuous service.

Detailed Engineering for the Construction of Fuel Service Station in Mexico

190 HH of engineering for the development of 2D and 3D drawings of the civil, electrical, mechanical disciplines of this project.

250 kWp Microgrid in Suriname

Design of a 250 kWp photovoltaic plant to improve the energy supply in villages located in the town of Godo Olo in Suriname, whose current electricity service implemented operates from 4 to 5 hours a day through a diesel generator.

Design of Freedom Energy Project

Design of containerized solutions in autonomous photovoltaic generation with portable philosophy (plug & Play) for 26kW and 50 kW in photovoltaic energy production with 57.6 kWh and 174.8 kWh of energy stored in batteries respectively. The solution is integrated by photovoltaic modules, inverter/charger, batteries, management/monitoring system, and container for the delivery of the packaged solution.

Tocoa 12 MWp Hybrid Energy in Honduras

In alliance with Hyundai Himsen, development of a proposal for the design of a hybrid power plant with 12MW of electric power, in the Municipality of Tocoa, Honduras, consisting of a power plant with 12MW gas combustion engines and a plant of photovoltaic energy of 12MW. The photovoltaic system consisted of 32,544 solar panels with fixed structures, 5 2,500 kW inverters, and 3 5,000 kVA transformers.

45 MW SOLAR + 7 MW Hybrid in French Guyana

Design of a generation plant with the following distribution: 45 MW photovoltaic panels + 6,764 MW thermal (4 x 1691 kW) + 6 MW of battery storage. The thermal plant will consist of four identical diesel engine generator sets, the engines will run on diesel fuel (DFO).