CH4 Group actively participates in various energy markets, not only in production but also in transport and distribution. We specialize in projects in the electricity sector, which allows us to build strengths that position us as an organization with the capacity to develop renewable energy projects. Increasing market opportunities have helped us to develop and implement more green projects.


Fossil fuels

The development of electric power generation plants with internal combustion engines has been part of our main experience as a company. In order to acquire this experience, we have as allies the manufacturers of the highest quality engines. In addition, we have a technical department with professionals of extensive experience in the sector and aware of the new technologies in development.


When power generation needs exceed the capacity of internal combustion engines (+100 MW), turbines are the most economical and viable solution.  CH4 Group has the expertise to support customers in their needs.


Solar (Photovoltaic)

CH4 Group has always been committed to the environment, we believe in and respect our renewable resources. That is why, by partnering with renowned manufacturers of solar panels and energy storage (batteries), we can develop complex clean energy projects.


We are living in one of the most interesting times in modern energy history, and being at the forefront of technology in the management of our renewable resources is part of our mission. Wind-generated electricity is one of those resources. Consequently, our group of wind turbine specialists can develop projects tailored to the needs of our customers.


CO2 emissions are a point to consider when developing power generation projects, therefore, hydroelectric energy is part of our clean energy solutions. Our experienced team of engineers and specialists has been able to provide global support for this complex solution.